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About Samantha Walravens

I have been working with high school students on college admissions for over 25 years. As an alumni admissions interviewer for Princeton, I know what top colleges are looking for and how students need to position themselves to get in. I help students identify their individual gifts, talents, interests, and strengths, and present them in a holistic, genuine and compelling way to college admissions officers.  


As a journalist and New York Times-acclaimed author, I love telling stories. My favorite part of college counseling is working with students to brainstorm and develop engaging and authentic college essays that will make a lasting impression on admissions readers. Watching students start with, “I have nothing interesting to say,” and progress to, “I never knew I could write about this!” or “This essay is SO me!” literally gives me goosebumps! I coach students to write essays that express their unique voices, interests and talents. No essay is ever alike.  

I am a member of the National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC). 

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