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Your Expert Guide to
College Admissions

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As a New York Times-acclaimed author and journalist, I help students find their voice and tell their stories in a unique and authentic way that will gain the attention of admissions officers and make a lasting impression. Samantha Walravens   


The college application process is potentially the most stressful time of a student’s high school career. Getting organized and taking control of the process can help alleviate some of the anxiety and help students focus on what matters--  applying to a school where they will learn, grow and thrive.


As a college coach, I help students navigate the college application process and present their best selves in all facets of the journey-- from filling in gaps on their resume, to writing standout essays, to preparing for interviews, and more. Stressing over becoming the “perfect applicant” won’t improve anyone’s chances of admission. The best course of action is for students to be themselves and let their true personality and interests shine. 


With an admissions expert on their side, students feel less anxious about the college admissions process and may even embrace it as a period of self-discovery and growth. Let me be their guide! 

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Success Stories

"Samantha  was more than a college counselor. She helped me express my uniqueness so I could stand out from the crowd of other applicants. She encouraged me to develop my passions and talents. With her help, I am thrilled to say I am attending my dream school! 

Dylan F, University of Michigan 2026

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